Get Fundraising

You’ve taken the first step to help us challenge the casual use of homophobic language, now it’s time to ask your friends, family and colleagues to show their support by making a donation.


We ask that you aim to raise £100 in sponsorship which will make all the difference in helping us stamp out homophobic language for good. Every single pound you help raise will enable us to continue to create safer and more engaging environments for gay young people at school.



Here are a few easy fundraising tips to get you started:


TIP 1 – asking for a donation


Here are a few tricks to help with asking for sponsorship. You’d be surprised how easy it can be once you get started.



  • Set the bar of how much you want people to give by asking those you know will sponsor you the most first. This will encourage others to give similar amounts.


  • Let people know about your online fundraising page by updating your Facebook and Twitter pages and sending emails to all your contacts – you never know who might give. Send an email after pay day when people are feeling flush!


  • Put a link to your online fundraising page on your email signature, make sure all your colleagues know how you’re supporting Stonewall’s work.


  • Never underestimate a personal email. You’ll see a much better response than a generic group email. And don’t forget to mention when you have sponsored them in the past!


  • Don’t just focus on friends and family but think about any clubs you belong to or the pub you go to every week…


  • Make a fuss when you’ve almost achieved your fundraising goal. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, so make sure you’re talking about Stonewall’s Equality Walk.


  • You’re fundraising for a cause you really care about, make sure you let people know why you are taking part in the 10k walk.



Our best advice on fundraising is  - just ask! Don’t be afraid or shy to do so. Taking part in the Equality Walk is a fantastic thing and lots of people will be happy to sponsor you.



Click here to set up your online fundraising page, it just takes a few minutes! You can add photos and a personal message and send the link to everyone you know. Using online fundraising pages also guarantees your donations are worth more as we receive gift aid on each one.


If you’d rather manually collect your donations, click here for a sponsorship forms and bring them along with the donations on the day.


bake-saleTIP 2 – challenge yourself and have more fun!


If you have taken part in the Equality Walk before, add something new into the mix to encourage people to donate:


  • Cake sale – get a group of friends together and host a cake sale for some yummy treats!


  • Fancy dress – dress up at school or work and ask everyone to donate £1. Why not get everyone dressing up as their favourite LGB celebrity?!


  • quizQuiz – host a quiz night and challenge your friends on their general knowledge


  • Eurovision Party – why not celebrate Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday 10 May and host a fundraising party in aid of the Equality Walk


Don’t forget – have a blast. Holding a fundraiser should be great fun as well as rewarding. Choose something you’ll enjoy doing and the ideas will soon follow.


TIP 3 – make fundraising easy



Setting up your online fundraising page takes the fuss out of collecting donations and is the easiest way to get your donations rolling in. Simply direct donors to your page and leave the rest to us. Click the button above – it just takes a few minutes! Then you can add photos and a personal message and forward the link to everyone you know. We’ve even created a template for your personal message to make it even easier!


Plus, (assuming it’s possible) we collect gift aid on each online donation raised, making your donations go even further!



BONUS TIP – gain strength in numbers



Ask friends and family to help you organise and spread the word about your fundraising activities. You can also rely on the Equality Walk team if you need advice on holding an event or supplies like posters and stickers for your fundraising.




No matter how much or little you raise, every single pound will help stop the word ‘gay’being used in a negative way so gay young people can have a more fulfilling experience at school.